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GOIA Staff and State Agency-Tribal Liaisons

Governor's Office of Indian Affairs (GOIA)

Craig A. Bill - Executive Director
Mystique Hurtado - Assistant Director of Administration and Communications
JT Austin - Assistant Director of Policy & Planning
Michael Finley, Special Projects Manager

State Agency-Tribal Liaisons

Department of Agriculture

Department of Archaeology and Historical Preservation

Allyson Brooks, State Historic Preservation Officer
David Witt, Tribal Liaison, Climate & Energy Projects

Department of Children, Youth, and Families

Tleena Ives, Director of Tribal Relations
Robert "Bob" Smith - ICW Program Manager
Juliette Knight - Legislative and External Affairs Liaison
Brian Frisina, Tribal Program Consultant, Partnership, & Collaboration

Department of Commerce

Department of Corrections

Colleen F. Cawston, Director of Tribal Relations
Harj Aulakh, Management Analyst 4

Department of Ecology

Tyson Oreiro, Executive Advisor for Tribal Affairs

Department of Enterprise Services

Department of Fish and Wildlife

Department of Health

Candice Wilson, Tribal Policy Director

Department of Labor and Industries

Department of Licensing

Department of Natural Resources

Patrick Depoe, Director of Tribal Relations
Jayana Marshall, Deputy Director of Tribal Relations

Department of Revenue

Kyle Iron Lightning, Tribal Liaison

Department of Transportation

Megan Cotton - HQ Government Relations
Megan Nicodemus - Planning North Central and Eastern Region
Phillip Narte - Ferries Division

Department of Veterans Affairs

DSHS - Office of Indian Policy

Tim Collins - Senior Director
Leah Muasau - Tribal Contracts Coordinator
Amy Shull - Admin Assistant
Janet Gone - Region 1
Aimee Gone - Region 2
Brenda Francis Thomas - Region 3 North
Heather Hoyle - Region 3 South

DSHS/ALTSA - Aging and Long-Term Support Administration

DSHS/DDA - Developmental Disabilities Administration

DSHS/DVR - Vocational Rehabilitation

Christelle Arnett, Tribal Relations Administrator

DSHS/ESA - Economic Services Administration

Brady Rossnagle, OAS Statewide Tribal Administrator
Mary Anderson, CSD HQ Tribal Administrator
Chris Franks, DCS HQ Senior Tribal Relations Manager
Sandi Cheek, DCS HQ Tribal Administrator

DSHS/FSA - Financial Services Administration

DSHS/ODHH - Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

DSHS/RA - Rehabilitation Administration

Employment Security Department

Caitlyn Jekel, Government Relations Director

Health Care Authority

Aren Sparck, Office of Tribal Affairs Administrator
Lena Nachand, Tribal Liaison
Lucille Mendoza, Tribal Behavioral Health Administrator

Liquor and Cannabis Board

Marla Conwell, Tribal & Government Liaison

Military Department

Military Department - Emergency Management Division

Office of Minority and Womens Business Enterprises

Ashlee Delaney, Tribal Liaison

Office of the Attorney General

Office of the Insurance Commissioner

Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction

Henry Strom, Executive Director, OSPI Office of Native Education
Joan Banker, Instructional Program Specialist II, OSPI Office of Native Education
Maxine Alex, Tribal Consultation Program Supervisor
Shandy Abrahamson, Career Connected Learning Tribal Engagement Specialist
Mona Halcomb, Native Student Success Program Supervisor
Kayla Guyett, ESSER Tribal Language Liaison
Rebecca Purser, ESSER Native Educator Cultivation Program Supervisor
Rachel Buckle, ESSER Native Educator Cultivation Data Analyst
Kari Tally, Administrative Assistant

Puget Sound Partnership

Recreation and Conservation Office

Megan Duffy, Director

Results Washington (Office of the Governor)

Secretary of State

State Board of Health

LinhPhung Huynh, Health Disparities Council Manager

State Conservation Commission

State Gambling Commission

State Parks and Recreation Commission

Jenna Bowman, Tribal Affairs Director
Owen Rowe, Policy & Governmental Affairs Director

Traffic Safety Commission

Utilities and Transportation Commission

Washington State Patrol

Sergeant James Prouty, Field Operations Bureau HQ
Patti Gosch, Tribal Liaison Government and Media Relations
Dawn Pullin - Eastern Region Tribal Liaison

Washington Technology Solutions

Derek Puckett, Legislative Affairs Director

Washington's Lottery