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Tribal Directory


Washington State Tribal Directory.

The Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs is pleased to provide you with this on-line edition of the Washington State Tribal Directory.

Every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of the names, numbers, and links provided within our directory and we apologize for any omissions or errors that may occur. To correct, update, or submit information, please contact us.

The Tribal Directory consists of several sections (select from this list or the menu on the left):

  1. Federally Recognized Tribes in Washington State
  2. Tribal Chair Contact Information
  3. Tribal Community Organizations in Washington State
  4. Washington State Congressional Delegates
  5. Federal Agencies in Washington State
  6. GOIA Staff in the Governor's Office
  7. State Agency Tribal Liaisons
  8. Tribal Colleges
  9. Tribal Newspapers
  10. Tribal Courts
  11. Tribal Museums
  12. Tribal Casinos
  13. Indian Organizations